I understand that the hardest part when deciding to look for a therapist is finding the right therapist. Someone that you feel you can speak to with openness. This is often called “having a good therapeutic fit”.

I have worked with people from all different walks of life.  As a social worker, my services are anti-oppressive and do not discriminate. My goal is to provide you with a safe space to speak about whatever issue you may be needing assistance with at this time.

My hope is that working together you will feel feel heard, validated and have more connected authentic relationships.  You will also learn coping skills in each session to assist you to move in the direction you want.  I would be honoured to be part of your healing journey!

Some of the people I work with are:

-Families and Couples

-School Age Children


-Adults of all ages


-Military/Veterans (RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces)

Some of the people I provide therapy services to have a mental health diagnosis but many are seeking additional support and coaching while going through a specific struggle or issue.


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