Best Advice for People Taking Opioid Medication-Video DocMikeEvans

Please see the video below as it relates to both chronic pain and taking opioid medications. If you have been taking opioid medications do not try to stop taking them on your own (this goes for all prescribed medications).  It is very difficult to taper medication and the gradual discontinuation or reduction of a therapeutic dosage of opioids must be monitored.  If this is something that you are considering, it is possible with the help of a qualified therapist and a family doctor.  I am ready to support you in the journey and have worked with other people just like you suffering from chronic pain, and needing help to reduce or stop opioid medications.  You can click this link to book to book a free consultation or appointment with me today.

Crystal Gerlach RSW RP

Psychotherapy and Clinical Social Work
Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD, Life Transitions, Chronic Pain and more
5063 North Service Road, Suite 200
Burlington, ON L7L 5H6
Direct Line) 905-399-0808
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